Alojamiento Baztán-Bidasoa

The following are the hotels used on the Baztan-Bidasoa route. All are comfortable and have charm and a warm welcome is guaranteed, although the best rooms tend to be doubles which can also used as single rooms for a supplement. Twin rooms are available at all the accommodation listed although there is only one twin room available in Etxalar and none in the case of Zugarramurdi, where an extra bed can be added to existing double rooms.

 Hotel Rural & Spa Atxaspi, Lesaka

Lesaka_6_smallLesaka_1A beautifully-furnished, charming hotel located in the historic centre of Lesaka. 6 bedrooms, all with private bathroom, wifi, digital TV and there is also a small garden. Each bedroom has a different themed decor linked to the different Basque provinces. The hotel has a small spa that can be used by guests for a small Lesaka_3_smallsupplement.Lesaka_4_small Breakfast is served in the hotel and dinner is provided at the Kasino restaurant or when this is closed, at Taberna Xaruta, both in the village a few minutes’ walk away.

                  Casa Rural Mikelestonea, Etxalar

Etxalar_1_small???????????????????????????????A small family run casa rural in the very centre of Etxalar village, surrounded by beautiful buildings and just a stone’s throw from the famous local churchyard with its discoidal headstones. 2 very cosy double rooms with private bathroom, TV, wifi and log fire, which can also be used as single rooms, and slightly more simple double rooms and a twin room with wifi and log fire in the annex nextEtxalar_3_small doorEtxalar_4_small with communal bathroom. Breakfast is taken in the main house and dinner is provided at the Herriko Ostatua restaurant just around the corner, run by the hotel owners.

Casa Rural-Albergue Graxiana, Zugarramurdi

Graxiana_2_smallA charming guest house and walkers’ hostel in the centre of Zugarramurdi. 4 beautifully designed double rooms with private bathroom and wifi and possibility of either adding extra bed or single occupancy. Also larger rooms with bunk beds, private bathroom and wifi for up to 6 people in the hostelGraxiana_3_small part of the guestGraxiana_4_small house. Meals are taken in the guest house’s cosy restaurant, where there is also a communal lounge/reading area.

Casa Rural Haitzetxea, near Zugarramurdi

Haitz Etxea_1This is an interesting alternative to staying in ZugarramurdiHaitz Etxea_2 village – an isolated restored 1800s farmhouse 2.5 km from the village (involving a 35 minute detour from the main route on Day 3 of the Baztan-Bidasoa Route) on the slopes of Mt Atxuria. 5 rooms with private bathroom in a 3-storey, beautifully restored building on the slopes of Mt Atxuria between the Sara Caves and Zugarramurdi with amazing Haitz Etxea_3views towards the Pyrenees and Atlantic coast. Haitz Etxea_4 Breakfast and dinner are served at the house and there is an enclosed terrace with views towards the sea and pleasant reading room.

Hotel Rural Irigoienea, Urdax

Irigoienea_3_smallIrigoienea_1_smallThis charming rural hotel is a 5 minute walk from the centre of Urdax village and is a restored mansion that has 10 rooms with private bathroom, wifi and TV, all of which are nicely decorated. The hotel has a large garden which leads down to a stream, pleasant reading room, and a large outdoor terrace with views over the Irigoienea_5_smallbucolicIrigoienea_4_small landscape. Breakfast is served at the hotel and dinner are provided at the hotel.

Hotel Rural Kastonea, Erratzu

Kastonea_4_smallKastonea_1_smallA small friendly rural hotel in the main square of Erratzu. The hotel has a  variety of double and twin rooms with private bathroom and wifi – with the possibility of single occupancy – both in the hotel itself and in the adjacent building. There is a very pleasant, secluded garden accessed through the hotel  and aKastonea_3_small largeKastonea_2_small nicely-furnished living room area for all guests. Meals are provided in the hotel’s own restaurant in the main building.

Casa Rural Etxebeltzea, Erratzu

Etxebeltzea_1A charming restored old mansion typical of the regionEtxebeltzea_2 in the same square as Hotel Rural Kastonea above with 5 beautifully furnished rooms. The house retains its rustic ambience with antique furniture, 3 sitting room areas with TVEtxebeltzea_3 and fireplace, reading area, pretty front porch and garden.Etxebeltzea_4 As the owner only offers bed and breakfast, evening meals are provided at the Kastonea, less than a minute’s walk away.

Hostal-Trinkete Antxitonea, Elizondo

Elizondo_1_smallElizondo_2_smallIn the very heart of Elizondo, overlooking the Baztan River and close to all the town’s amenities. The hotel is built around the pelota court – trinkete – which can be seen from the downstairs bar, and so makes a fine place to watch this most typical of Basque sports being played. A family hotel with 23 rooms, all with Elizondo_3_smallprivateTrinkete_1_small bathroom, wifi and TV. Breakfast and evening meals are provided in the informal dining room downstairs in the bar.

                               Posada Elbete, Elbete

posada_elbete_1_smallIn the main square in the centre of Elbete village, just 10minposada_elbete_3_small walk across the Baztan River from Elizondo. The building is over 200 years old and was tastefully reformed by the owners in 2002. 6 cosy double rooms, all with ensuite bathroom. Each room is decorated in a colourful yet traditional rustic way in keeping with local style. Wifi in hotel and communal lounge with TV, the hotel also boasts a spacious dining room and bar downstairs, where breakfast and dinner are provided.posada_elbete_2_smallposada_elbete_4_small