Basque Country Walks

Hello. My name is Philip Cooper and I am the author of the guide Landscapes of the Basque Country of Spain and France published in the UK by Sunflower Guides (The Guide Book).

The fully-updated 3rd edition of this guide is out now and available via the usual channels.

I am based in Donostia-San Sebastián, the renowned queen of the Basque coast, and walking is my passion, which is why I like to share my experiences of offering both guided walks/hikes in the form of day trips (Guided Walks), accompanied by myself, and self-guided walking/hiking holidays to this beautiful region in the foothills of the Atlantic Pyrenees (Self-guided Walks). The two multi-day hikes offered – the Baztan-Bidasoa Route and the Inland and Coastal Gipuzkoa Route – provide the chance to hike and explore some of the most beautiful, unspoilt parts of the region, and also stay in and around some of the most attractive traditional Basque villages at charming rural inns and working farms. Both self-guided hikes include all accommodation, meals and luggage transfer, together with all walking instructions, coordinates that can be uploaded onto your GPS or mobile and detailed digital and printed maps.

Also on offer for 2018 are a series of half and full day guided short walks/hikes which are considerably less strenuous than the guided walks described in this section, and thus suitable for walkers/ramblers of all ages. See Guided Short Walks/Day Trips  for more details – new routes are constantly being added, and if you don’t find a particular route you are interested in, then bespoke excursions can also be arranged.

There is a surprising variety of landscapes to explore within such a small area and, for now, the walks focus on the Basque foothills of the Pyrenees within Navarra and Gipuzkoa (Spain) and Iparralde (France). Sharing a common language and deep-rooted traditions, together these areas form one of the most stunning and fascinating areas in Europe (Photo Gallery).

This website also features a variety of other information – not just about walking, but also regular articles about matters of interest to visitors to the Basque Country (The Basque World), grouped together into the categories landscapes, gastronomy, culture and people. Hope to see you here!

 Philip Cooper – Founder of Basque Country Walks. (+34 677 530673)